14 Kislev 5783     

Project Chazon Achievements - 2013


  • SEMINARS: 45 seminars were presented to 24,300 Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov, and Day School students, parents, and teachers. To date, 4,400 seminars have been presented to over 265,000 students.


  • NEW SCHOOLS: Seminars were presented in 16 new schools. Project Chazon has now serviced over 385 schools. Click here to view list of schools.


  • TEACHER-TRAINING WORKSHOPS: 94 training sessions were presented to 5,700 parents and teachers across North America, England, and Israel.


  • PROJECT CHAZON INTERNATIONAL: 45 seminars were presented to over 4,000 Yeshiva students and teachers in London, Manchester, and Jerusalem.


  • STUDENT COUNSELING: Project Chazon's counseling services continue to expand. Hundreds of at-risk and pre-risk teenagers were counseled privately by Rabbi Daniel Mechanic and Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein - often with dramatic results.


  • PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING: Due to their broad experience, Rabbis Mechanic and Milstein are regularly consulted by community agencies such as the Jewish Board of Family Services, MASK, Eitzah, Hatzalah and Shomrim to provide guidance and advice. In addition, Rabbis Mechanic and Milstein were featured keynote presenters at an emergency conference addressing the at-risk teens phenomenon, which was attended by over 100 Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, and community askonin. Also, well over 400 phone calls were fielded by the Chazon staff, during which advice was sought for critical chinuch issues.


  • WEBSITE: Project Chazon's website had over 6,700 visitors. The website contains articles for students, suggested reading lists, access to Chazon's Tape/CD library, as well as an "Ask the Rabbi" link. projectchazon.com


  • B'DERECH, ATERES NAAVA, BNOS CHAYA: B'derech is an organization founded to train Chassidic activists and educators to mentor and guide Chassidic at-risk teen populations. Ateres Naava provides an intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting program for young women attending secular colleges. Bnos Chaya is a new high school established to educate and spiritually rehabilitate young ladies from observant homes who were not enrolled in any school at the end of the year. Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein has been providing dynamic and uplifting programming in all three of these institutions. Utilizing an Aish HaTorah approach, Chazon's programs provide them with an appropriate appreciation for the joy and beauty of Torah living.


  • PROJECT CHAZON IN LAKEWOOD: Project Chazon has formed a partnership with the new Congregation Ishay Yisroel and Penimah, an organization dedicated to providing spiritual growth opportunities for Lakewood women. Over 1,000 Lakewood residents attended Chazonís unique hashkafah talks in the last 6 months alone! An ambitious workshop training series is in the planning stages for parents, mentors and chinuch professionals.


  • PROJECT CHAZON IN THE NEWS: Project Chazonís accomplishments have been recognized and praised in numerous articles appearing in prominent Chareidi newspapers and magazines such as Yated, Hamodeah, and Mishpacha. Featured articles about Project Chazonís work have appeared in special editions of Hamodeah and Mishpacha. The articles can be found at the Project Chazon Website.


  • RABBI DAVID FOHRMAN - Rabbi David Fohrman continues to demonstrate his exciting approach to the study of Chumash and Navi. Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs and seminaries are availing themselves of his revolutionary method whereby pertinent Talmudic and midrashic commentary can be clearly identified residing just beneath the text. His presentations have been acclaimed by educational institutions of all stripes and backgrounds, from the Satmar Yeshiva to the most prominent modern orthodox day schools. Teachers have been especially fascinated by his ability to have every page of the chumash come alive, and are utilizing his methodology to inject a new energy in all of their parsha classes.


  • GILA MANOLSON - Mrs. Manolsonís popularity is well established. Her books are perennial favorites and have actually made their way into the curricula of many schools, and are promoted through numerous outreach organizations. Her books and lectures have influenced many young people to observe the laws of Tznius, and helped them prepare for healthy marital relationships. Project Chazon has been organizing speaking tours for her in the Yeshiva high schools and the response of thousands of students has been truly inspirational.


  • ATERES NAAVA SEMINARY - Not every young lady who graduates from an observant Jewish high school has the ability to spend a year in an Israeli seminary. Ateres Naava was created to provide an intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting program for young women attending secular colleges, or who are already in the workplace and might otherwise find their commitment to Judaism flagging. Project Chazon provides them with curricular input and weekly shiurim on hashkafah.


  • M.S.W. INTERNS: Over the last 2 years Project Chazon has been blessed to host 2 extraordinary social work graduates who interned with us and helped bring Chazonís services to a whole new level. We were able to provide crucial interventions that helped a number of severely abused young adults identify and submit to the lifesaving services they so desperately needed. In addition to the standard talk therapy, they were to bring highly specialized expertise in Integrated Family Systems Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy to bear on their clientsí complex problems which resulted in positive outcomes.


  • SCHOOL PLACEMENT: Although Project Chazon does not bill itself as such, there have been hundreds of instances where desperate parents and educators must relocate a child to another yeshiva and simply have no effective strategy for a favorable resolution. Through its myriad contacts in every level of chinuch Project Chazon has been able to offer guidance and counseling to achieve otherwise elusive success.



    1) Project Chazon is increasingly making appearances in summer camps in the Catskills. The camp environment is particularly conducive to reflection and the asking of questions students would be wary of in the school environment.

    2) By tradition and of necessity, Project Chazon has been providing services exclusively to high schools. Over the last year, we have been presenting to hundreds of 8th grade elementary school students. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and requests from schools are pouring in. We will certainly be expanding these presentations during the coming year.

    3) Project Chazon is fielding increasing requests to provide guest speakers for conventions and other large communal gatherings. Torah Umesorah, Agudath Israel, Aish, Project Inspire, Metropolitan Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty and well-attended hotel events over Pesach and during holiday weekends have given Project Chazon valuable exposure and recognition.

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